Spanish Lessons

A project by Gabriel Orozco
November 5 - 22, 2013
New York

For Immediate Release.

Opening reception: Tuesday, November 5, 6-8pm

Marian Goodman Gallery is delighted to announce Spanish Lessons, a project organized by Gabriel Orozco which opens in the lower level gallery space on Tuesday, November 5th and runs through Friday, November 22nd. Spanish Lessons will open concurrently with Gabriel Orozco: thinking in circles (on exhibit in the main gallery through December 21st).

The project will form a think tank composed of artists and writers focusing on topics of linguistics and idiom, specifically within the Spanish language. Spanish Lessons aims to create and provide an open environment, a sort of laboratory of language that will be conducive to exchange and allow for experimental research to take place amongst its contributors. The project will not be about traditional teaching and learning, but will focus more on organically facilitating communication and discussion in relation to language and art. In a sense the project will use Spanish as an excuse to reflect upon human systems of sharing information, and as a catalyst for creativity. The resulting ideas, as well as the physical space, will burgeon and transform over the duration of the time that it is open.

The examination of language in relation to the production and perception of art, ideas and objects raises issues of communication, meaning, context and translation. Spanish Lessons will try to offer to the public and its participants an opportunity to collectively study how different cultures formulate idiomatic expression, play with sounds and symbols, and investigate how language creates visual associations that are used to perceive real-world experiences and art forms.

Various activities and events are scheduled to occur weekdays, Tuesday through Friday. Guests and collaborators include Alejandra Carrillo, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mónica de la Torre, Pablo Helguera, Gabriel Kuri, Damián Ortega, Wilfredo Prieto and Sara Schulz. The project will also feature Jorge Luis Borges, Marcel Broodthaers, Ulises Carrión, Luis Ignacio Helguera, Ben Lerner, Juan Luis Martínez, Kay Ryan, Mercedes Sosa, Lawrence Weiner and Ezequiel Zaidenwerg amongst others.

Please join us for the opening reception on Tuesday, November 5th from 6-8pm.

For programming details please visit or contact the gallery at 212-977-7160

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