John Baldessari

Tetrad Series
April 16 - May 21, 1999
New York
Selected Works
<b>Tetrad Series: What is a Little and What is a Lot</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: What is a Little and What is a Lot, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: Unnoticed Among Larger Things</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: Unnoticed Among Larger Things, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: Precise Form</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: Precise Form, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: The Important And Unimportant</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: The Important And Unimportant, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: Real Shadows</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: Real Shadows, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: It Doesn't Seem Much</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: It Doesn't Seem Much, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: Practical Vision</b>, 1999 Image
Tetrad Series: Practical Vision, 1999
<b>Tetrad Series: Only in Part</b>, 1998 Image
Tetrad Series: Only in Part, 1998
<b>Tetrad Series: Mere Fact</b>, 1998 Image
Tetrad Series: Mere Fact, 1998

Marian Goodman Gallery is very pleased to announce The Tetrad Series, an exhibition of new paintings by John Baldessari, which represents an exciting departure from his previous work. It opens on Friday evening, April 16,1999 and continues through May 21, 1999.

The Tetrad Series demonstrates a significant new visual direction for Baldessari. These 15 new large-scale works measure 8' x 8'. They essentially depict four elements of representing thought. Three of these elements employ imagery either from film and or video, from art (specifically Goya) and from life (objects). The fourth element employs excerpts of text from the Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa. This is Baldessari's first solo exhibition with the Marian Goodman Gallery.

Please join us for an opening reception for the artist on Friday April 16 from 6 to 8 pm.

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Tetrad Series
John Baldessari

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