Thomas Schütte

The Sun The Moon The Stars
February 26 - April 3, 1999
New York
Selected Works
<b>You are my Sun</b>, 1998 Image
You are my Sun, 1998
<b>You are my Stars</b>, 1999 Image
You are my Stars, 1999
<b>You are my Moon</b>, 1998 Image
You are my Moon, 1998
<b>You are my Tears</b>, 1998 Image
You are my Tears, 1998
<b>You are my Love</b>, 1998 Image
You are my Love, 1998

This exhibition presented six ceramic sculpture groups from 1998 and 1999 in the North Gallery. These large, richly-colored sculptures each contain up to eleven elements and contribute to Schütte's diverse body of work, which includes sculptures, memorials, installations, banners, flags, watercolors, photographs, and more.

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